Armley – Hands off our Homes meeting – 14th Feb

Hands of our Homes have set up a website with details on how the Bedroom Tax may effect residents in Leeds and a meeting has already been held in Seacroft, with a further meeting being held in Armley on February 14th.

Full details at:


City Wide – Bedroom Tax may affect families

Campaigners are calling for people to stand up and be heard as thousands of families risk loosing there homes under ‘bedroom tax‘ welfare changes. See  [06/02/2013  YEP]

Concerns Government ‘Bedroom Tax’ may force families into flats

Hundreds of Leeds families could be forced to move into high rise flats. The warning comes following the Government’s controversial welfare reforms – dubbed Bedroom Tax – which may force tenants to downsize their homes. [04/02/2013 YEP]

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